The Function of Tanzania Cotton Board

The main functions of TCB as stipulated in the Cotton Industry Act No. 2 of 2001 are as follows;
- To advice the government on the policies, strategies and all other matters relating to the development of the cotton industry.
- To promote the development of cotton industry.
- To provide for licensing of persons engaged in the marketing, processing of cotton or cotton by products.
- To make regulations for the control or eradication of cotton pests and diseases
- To assist directly or through financial support research and development and extension services.
- To educate stakeholders on mechanism for international cotton pricing.
- To protect the interests of farmers against syndicate of buyers.
- To promote the establishment of societies or associations of stakeholders and monitor their activities.
- To regulate and control the quality of seed cotton and cotton lint.
- To collect, refine, maintain or disseminate information or data relating to the cotton industry.
- To make regulations for cultivation, marketing, processing, importation, exportation and storage of seed cotton and cotton lint.
- To receive and administer any fund established under Cotton Industry Act No. 2 of 2001.
- To represent the government in all international for a relating to or dealing with cotton industry.